googleAs many of us may have learned, earlier this month, Google decided to replace their “7-pack” (which is the local results box that showed seven local businesses in the Google Web search results) with the now current 3-pack.  As a significant change to how results are displayed, it was an interesting thing to do on Google’s part.  Now there are four fewer businesses being showing up in the local pack than before.

According to a new report from seoClarity, there is certainly a shocking change to the situation than we knew about before.  When the 7-pack was still in place, it used to show up in the number one slot in the Web search results only a 25 percent of the time, but now that the 3-pack has taken over, the seoClarity study says that it shows up in the number one slot 93 percent of the time.

Take a look at the rank graph from seoClarity, which shows the before and after rank distributions:


With the 3-pack in place, a local pack will now show 93 percent of the time instead of only 25 percent of the time. You’d see the local pack in the top two positions 99 percent of the time, which is a big jump from only 31 percent of the time.

So how did seoClarity document their methodology?  Here’s how:

  • They started with a list of keywords, which on 7/25 showed the 7-pack map listings
  • They narrowed down the list to only those that showed the new 3-pack format on 8/15
  • They retrieved the rank position at which the local pack showed for each date
  • They then compared the visibility of the old 7-pack map listings vs. the new 3-pack local listings


You can learn more about these data at seoClarity.

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