digital videoRecently, there was a study done of online video viewing habits that was conducted by the IAB, and in association with GFK, a media research provider, that revealed that US adults viewed 15 percent more original digital video when compared to last year.  Here is the Original Digital Video Consumer Study report.

In the research from the study, it shows original content is generating a 55 million viewer a month audience.  According to the report,

Watching “on my own schedule” is the top driver of use for Original Digital Video, and one of the main aspects liked better about original video over prime-time TV.

Over a thousand people were polled during the course of the study, and the information given was used to better understand people’s view habits of TV online (this would include TV shows you could find on network sites or similar services like Hulu or Netflix), amateur online videos (probably related to YouTube) and other videos specifically created for online distribution and viewing.

To check out more information about the study, you can check out the original source material, written by  of Marketing Land.  Just follow the link provided below!

Marketing Land – Study: Original Digital Video Programming Now Reaching 52 Million Viewers Per Month