AmazonNew data that comes out of Feedvisor, an e-commerce platform that works with Amazon’s third-party sellers about Amazon customers.  According to over 1,500 US-based Amazon shoppers this past summer, half of those surveyed who identified as Prime members, gave valuable information for their Amazon User Study 2016.

About 30 percent of Prime members said that they order something from Amazon at least once a week.  Only 5 percent of non-Prime Amazon shoppers admitedd that they make weekly purchases.  Over a monthly timeframe, 81 percent of Prime members place an order, compared to only 35 percent of non-Prime members.


Even when shopping on other sites, Amazon customers are lighly likely to make sure there isn’t a better deal on  About 70 perecent of Prime members have said that they “often” or “always” check Amazon’s prices before buying anywhere else, compare to about 56 percent of non-Prime members.


Some other Prime-related data from the Feedvisor survey:

  • 75 percent of Prime members say they visit at least once a week; 57 percent visit at least twice a week, and 18 percent visit every day.
  • 73 percent of Prime members say they trust packages shipped by Amazon more than packages shipped by a third-party seller.
  • 50 percent of Prime members shop online (at any website) at least once a week.
  • 78 percent of Prime members say they’ve bought from third-party sellers on
  • 31 percent of Prime members report an income of at least $100,000, compared to 16 percent of non-Prime members.

Amazon doesn’t reveal how many of its customers are Prime members, but Consumer Intelligence Research Partners (CIRP) just estimated last month that there are 65 million in the US alone who spend an average of $1,200 per year with Amazon.This is double of what non-Prime customers spend.

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