mg-630-istock-senior-phone-630wWe’ve heard it all before.  The people of the younger generations are the ones who are more likely to use more high tech, more current level devices now-a-days, where our parents and grandparents are stuck in the backwash of older technology, never caring to use things like mobile phones and tablets, right?

Well, as it turns out, that may not necessarily be the case these days.  It seems that the population is becoming more tech savvy then we though.  A consumer survey was conducted by Thrive Analytics and the results were released today by the Local Search Association,

According to the results, older generations, including Boomers and Seniors, aren’t just using mobile devices, but embracing them, as a local shopping companion.  In the “Local Mobile Trends Study,” a little over a thousand smartphone users were surveyed on Thrive Analytics’ Connected Experience online panel in January 2014.  There were four major groups in this population of US smartphone users, 30-43 Year olds, 44-53 year olds, and 54 years old and over.

The results that have been brought to light can be a wake up call to marketers, since they will be able to take this new data and use it accordingly in their online marketing plans.  To view more specifics about the data found in the survey, you can follow the link below.

Search Engine Land: Survey: Older Generations Embrace Mobile As Local Shopping Companion

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