Take all surveys with a grain of salt, as there is a gap between attitudes or responses and actual behavior.  With that being said, there is a new holiday shopping survey from CPC Strategy is any indication, Amazon is becoming more and more of the go-to destination for holiday shoppers.

The survey was conducted by Survata among 1,500 U.S. online adults in early August.  The company runs surveys that enables consumers to unlock premium content, similar to Google Consumer Surveys.

As you can see from the above chart, it would seem pretty obvious that online shoppers are going to be using Amazon more than 3 to 1 over Google for holiday gift shopping.

Keep in mind that, regardless of how accurate this chart really is, as well as what happens when the holidays are over, the actual distribution probably won’t look like this, as consumers will use a wide range of sites to shop for gifts.  This data does show how strong the Amazon brand has become as the primary online shopping destination.  What’s crazy, at least to me, that Walmart has a larger number than Google.

The survey also asked about the devices that people used for shopping.  Not shocking, but desktop came out on top with phone and tablet coming in second and third respectively.  Not surprisingly, voice is barely a blip compared to the other devices.

We know that, from actual traffic data, mobile devices will likely drive more visits than the desktop.  Of course, when making purchases, users will be buying from multiple devices more than likely.

This survey also indicated that more people intend to shop online than in stores:

  • Online — 46.2 percent
  • In-stores — 28.5 percent
  • Both in-stores and online — 25.3 percent

It is strange that, based on this data, the largest group is “online,” as from a historic standpoint, the largest group has been “both.”  It’s possible that the survey population isn’t entirely representative of the larger shopping population as a whole.  At the same time, it could be that people like shopping online, just so they don’t have to deal with the crowds at the brick and mortar stores.

As said before, an individual survey needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

There’s another point not raised in the survey. Traditional retailers may want to drive app downloads now to create more engagement and loyalty when holiday shopping really kicks in over the next several weeks.

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