SurveyMonkey, after a yearlong endeavor of rebranding, launched its “Power the Curious” campaign in mid-July, which is an effort aimed at taking the survey-platform to a new level.

“We wanted to set a playbook for business change, define our next stride, and identify that magnetic characteristic that galvanizes people around a common mission,” says SurveyMonkey SVP of Marketing Communications Bennett Porter. “We found out that SurveyMonkey means much more than research results: People were using our tool to unleash creative thinking and move beyond the assumptions that often get in the way of innovation.”

According to Porter, this “aha” moment was a revelation for the organization, and that moment helped lead it to overhaul its brand.

“We made visual changes to the brand to materialize and capture the essence of curiosity. A rebrand isn’t just redesigning a logo, developing a new messaging platform or ad campaign. It’s leveraging the opportunity to revisit our products, processes, and procedures.”

This new direction, according to Porter, has opened he company up to new products past just its survey offerings, such as a new “People Powered” platform.

“Today, there is no shortage of data coming from countless sources, but there is less understanding of the why behind the data.” This lack of understanding behind the data is powering SurveyMonkey’s next chapter, says Porter.

“Helping companies understand why their sales numbers or customer satisfaction scores look the way they do. We can do this by turning voices and opinions of the people that matter to a company most into actionable insights.”

Back when Porter first joined SurveyMonkey, the brand was democratizing market research. Currently, she oversees all brand strategy and marketing communications.

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