PrintFrom the perspective of an online marketer, what’s the first thing you think of when I tell you about mobile devices?  You probably thought about smartphones, didn’t you?  Well, that would make sense, as that’s a great way to get your mobile marketing needs out there, as smartphones are always connected.  It doesn’t hurt that they’re more portable (smaller) than tablets, and they’re cheaper as well.  Finally, a smartphone is always going to be by their owners side way more often than a tablet would be.

In a recent industry survey, 56% of adult Americans have a smartphone, while 35% of US citizens over the age of 16 own a tablet device.  Now, it would seem that smartphones are going to always lead the way when compared to their larger, tablet cousins.  But if you take into consideration patterns during past holiday seasons, it’s possible that the amount of tablets in circulation will continue to grow after Christmas is through.

 has written a full news article on this idea.  To read the full news piece, follow the link below:

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