Taco-Bell-at-night-Sun-City-Center-FL-672x372It’s been two years since Taco Bell has shown a Super Bowl ad, and this two year hiatus is about to be broken.  For Super Bowl 50, Taco Bell will be returning as an advertiser for the biggest football event of the year.

According to the brand, Taco Bell is planning to reveal the national launch date for their “highly anticipated” food creation with a 30-second spot to be aired during the game.  But what is it that they could be unveiling for this year’s Super Bowl?  Who know.

In order to build up some buzz for the food chain’s Super Bowl campaign, Taco Bell used their usual sense of humor by redacting a number of details in the release, such as what the new menu item will be, the food item’s availability, and even the name of the campaign.

Check out this portion of the announcement that was posted on Taco Bell’s website:


Taco Bell is encouraging fans to stay abreast with the latest news around their new menu item on the Ta.co Feed, but stayed on message by blacking-out the campaign’s hashtag.

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