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Google Adds Dynamic Callout Extensions In AdWords

Just over a year ago, Google launched callout extensions that gives highlight site benefits in AdWords text ads.  Now, a dynamic version of the callout extensions has begun rolling out. What does dynamic callout extensions do?  They'll automatically pull information about the business and products from your website and right into search text ads.  If you already [...]

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Advertisers Reporting Big Google AdWords Quality Score Declines

Could there be something brewing with Google AdWords that we don't know about?  There are a number of reports from AdWords users that their keyword quality score have fallen significantly. According to Ginny Marvin of Search Engine Land, she's confirmed these reports with her own findings.  Exact match brand keywords that had a quality score of 10 now [...]

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3 Awesome Things You Can Do With The AdWords Dimensions Tab

AdWords is a pretty popular PPC platform that a number of people use.  I'm sure you've heard of it.  In AdWords, there are some features that PCC managers just can't live without, and one of them is the Dimensions tab.  Among columnist Pauline Jakober's team, the Dimensions tab had unanimously cited as their favorite feature in AdWords. [...]

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AdWords Top Movers Report Gets A Makeover

Google is rolling out an update this week to the Top Movers report in AdWords. With this report, it's easier for AdWords account managers to spot big changes in their accounts.  But now, this new update will feature a summary table at the top with total changes across the account and now has Converted Clicks and Conversions [...]

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Google Debuts AdWords Dynamic Structured Snippets

Google has launched something new for AdWords: dynamic structured snippets.  These automated extensions will display industry-specific structured information about products and services on an advertisers' site. "The information that appears for your ad’s snippets reflects categories of content found on your site." The dynamic structured snippets will appear for retail, hotel and flight searches at launch, with additional [...]

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Use AdWords Conversion Tracking For (All) Your True Business Goals

Always wanting to improve, Google has always been doing what they can to get AdWords to do better and better as time goes on.  For those who've been using AdWords, I'm sure you've noticed that over the last year, the conversion tracking capabilities, reporting on conversion metrics and automated bidding functionality have been improved quite [...]

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AdWords Reach Reporting Moves To The Campaigns Tab

In the AdWords space, Google has decided to move the Reach and Frequency report out from the Dimensions tab and over to the Campaigns tab. By looking at the Customize columns drop down from the Campaigns tab, you'll see "Reach Metrics" as an option.  This lets the user see the unique cookies reached and the average number [...]

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