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Google Analytics New “Trash Can” Feature Saves Deleted Data

Google is in the midst of rolling out a new “Trash Can” feature, which will act like the recycle bin on a Window computer.  Basically, it is a safety net that will allow you to recover recently deleted data. Based on the announcement, any deleted views, properties and accounts will be saved in the "Trash Can" for [...]

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Is Google Analytics Hurting your Business?

As much as we all use Google Analytics (GA), it's got to be the best way to get your data for SEO, right?  After all, everybody uses it.  Aside from GA, what other Analytics service do you use?  More often than not, GA will probably be the big answer.  This year at Brighton SEO, a [...]

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Hashtag Analytics

Oh the hashtag, how we love you.  You've always been around to help us find those special tweets that we so longed to look for on Twitter.  But what is a hashtag exactly some people may ask?  According to the Urban Dictionary, "a hash tag is simply a way for people to search for tweets [...]

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In-App Analytics and Segmentation for Mobile

In this episode of Google Analytics, we will be joining Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg where he will discuss in-app analytics and segmentation for mobile. Watch as he covers the value of analytics when it comes to uncovering bugs and opportunities, the power of segmentation, and how insightful reporting can optimize the experience of mobile customers.

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(Provided): 10 Ways to Prove SEO Value in Google Analytics

It's already happening.  Over the last few years, we've been facing the looming and expanding threat of (not provided).  Soon, perhaps very soon, we will see (not provided) reach 100% totality.  In the minds of many, that can be pretty bad, but not without good reason.  Keywords were the cornerstone of SEO, and without them, [...]

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How To Use Relative Standing For Online Analytics

How many of you took some sort of statistics classes in school?  Well, for those of you who doesn't know what relative standing is, we got the general definition for you.  Basically, relative standing is a measure of were a particular data value stands in relationship to an entire data set.  An example would be [...]

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Treat Your Channels like a Soccer Team

When you're looking through your analytics package, it can be pretty easy to focus on a site's conversion rate.  After all, that's an SEOs ultimate goal, right?  If you look at your channels and find that one of them is preforming poorly, such as Organic Search, Referral or Direct, you would consider that a failure. [...]

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The Full Customer Journey: Three Measurement Challenges – Daniel Waisberg

In this presentation, Analytics Advocate Daniel Waisberg discusses the challenges of measuring the full customer journey: Holistic Measurement, Full Credit Measurement, and Active Measurement. Learn more about how Google Analytics is trying to help marketers understand better how their customers behave and how to provide them with a better experience. Among the solutions we are [...]

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