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Google+ Authorship Images Live On

Back in June, Google's John Mueller announced that the search giant would be "simplifying" the way authorship is displayed in search results, and this took everybody by surprise. How much more simple could things could?  Basically, Google would be removing profile photos and circle counts from the search listings of pages with authorship enabled. Of [...]

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The Month Google Shook the SERPs

Oh Google, how you like to keep us SEO and online marketers on our toes.  You're such a goose that way.  It seems you're always doing something to change things up and make things interesting for those who work in the SEO field and making us earn our money.  Even though we know Google means [...]

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The Secret To Staying Relevant With Authorship

Lately, it seems that Google has really been tightening up on Authorship pages on search.  One one hand, this makes it much tougher to rank if you're an Author.  If you are an Author, and your content wasn't bad, but still wasn't great, you're not going to appear as easily on search results.  This is [...]

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Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Fear Assigning Authorship

When it comes to authorship and company branding, there will probably be a question that pops up.  When there is a single person working at your company/with your business who writes the online content for your site/blog, should that single individual be assigned authorship?  Or would it be better if the content written for your [...]

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SEO Q&A: Bloggers

In this Google Hangout On Air video, Dan Petrovic focuses on blogs and their SEO.  He also answers SEO questions with focus on bloggers and blogging: - Technical optimization - Content - Authorship - Guest posts - Safe link practices - Latest algorithms - Blogging platforms Official website:

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Getting Authorship to Work: A Case Study

If you are a content creator,  you know the importance of creating great content on a regular basis.  By being a content creator, you probably know about authorship, if you aren't already one.  By having author markup on your site, it will help your site greatly.  Having an author picture snippet builds trust among users [...]

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Google’s December Authorship Gets The Shake Up

It seems that Google Authorship has gotten a bit of a shake up recently.  According to the data shown by MozCast Feature Graph, a big short-term drop in the number of tracked searches displaying authorship mark-up has made it's way forward.  What could possibly be the cause of this sudden drop in Authorship? It seems that [...]

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