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Rand’s List Of SEO Best Practices For Structured URLs

One of the most fundamental building blocks of SEO is the structure of domain names and URLs.  Because they can be a crucial aspect of SEO and a good website, it's important that the topic of best practices for structuring URLs gets covered. When a search engine analyzes a website, what's the first thing that they look at? [...]

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Google Partners – Mobile and Shopping Best Practices

In this episode of Google Partners Google Agency Development Manager, Meghan Li and Marketing Director, Marc Weisinger, from Elite SEM will discuss key things to look at in selecting a good agency partner and best practices in optimizing mobile and shopping campaigns. Elite SEM has been voted as the best US search agency at the US Search [...]

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Google Partners – Ask an Agency series – Lead Generation: Best Practices for Home Improvement Businesses

In this edition of Google Partners video, what will be discused?  Well, best practices for lead generation as they relate to Home Improvement Businesses, of course! Some of the questions that will be answer are: -How important has Google become for remodelers and home improvement businesses across the country? -What are some of the best practices that home improvement [...]

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10 Best Practices for Mobile Optimized Websites

I've written posts here on Thrive, and I know that a decent number of these posts I've mentioned how mobile is on the rise and that as an marketer, you shouldn't ignore it's presence in this industry as a viable source of consumer outreach.  After all, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion in 2014. [...]

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Google Webmasters: Best Practices And Common Mistakes In SEO

Google Webmasters presents another episode from their YouTube channel!  I'm sure there's a number of you who missed their #io14 presentation, so what the folks did at Google Webmasters created a streamed live hangout at the office and discussed SEO tips on improving your site's appearance in search results. The 3 topics they covered were: 1. Mobile [...]

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