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Starting Over, Part 3 – Optimize

Have you ever thought about starting over on a website?  What are some of the steps that it would take to do such a thing?  In a Moz series written by Dr. Peter J. Meyers entitled "Starting Over," he has been writing about what it would take to just...begin all over again from scratch. Here are the [...]

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How To Get The Most Shared Post Of The Week For Blog Promotion

When you are a content writer for a website, but you're just one of many other writers contributing to the same site, it can almost feel like a jungle.  You've got to write you're best to get noticed among all of the other great content being presented on the site.  You've got to be unique Brian Lang wrote [...]

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Creating Compelling Content Through Blogging (A How-To)

Creating content for your website is great.  The more content you have, the better chance you have of getting noticed by people, as well as search engines.  One of the best ways to go about creating a consistent amount of content is by blogging.  This way, new content will always be available to the people [...]

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75 Content Starters for Any Industry

Imagine this, if you will.  You're a content writer for a website, and you've completely hit a creative brick wall.  You can't think of topics or find any forms of inspiration inside your mind.  What do you do?  There are quite a number of things you could actually do to that could bring out the [...]

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Not Coming To Me With An Blog Idea Already In Mind

Writing as a guest blogger can be pretty tough, especially since it seems that they’ve got a big target on their back.  It seems like everybody is writing about how toxic it is to be a guest writer, even though guest blogging is an excellent as a form of content marketing and link building.  It [...]

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9 Leads To Healthy Link Building

Things in the digital market can change quite fast.  In the last year, Many things in SEO have evolved dramatically.  With the release of Penguin and Penguin 2.0, this should be evident that  that you need to be careful with your link building strategy. Although it’s important to focus your link building campaign with authoritative [...]

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