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Moving 5 Domains to 1: An SEO Case Study

Deciding to changing domains names is a pretty big decision to make and isn't something to be taken lightly.  It can be a highly risky undertaking, and too many times there are people who rush into it without thinking it out first.  All they see is the upside of what could happen when the domain [...]

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The Weird Al Yankovic Social Media Case Study

Some of you may already know, but for those who don't, the parody artist, Weird Al Yankovic has released his 14th studio album on July 15th, 2014.  The title of the new album is titled, Mandatory Fun, and to promote it, Weird Al began a project at the same time as the album release that [...]

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Conduct a Backlink Profile Analysis with Excel (case study)

Have you ever suspected that you were hit with an algorithmic penalty from Google?  Or are you unclear on why you're losing rankings?  If either of these things have happened to you, it may be a good idea to do something about.  And what exactly would that be?  You should probably preform a backlink profile [...]

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A Startling Case Study of Manual Penalties and Negative SEO

Aren't manual penalties fun?  Don't they make you just squeak with joy when one hits either you or one of your clients sites?  Actually, I'm pretty confident that the answer to those two questions would be a resounding now.  They are not fun at all.  Not now, not ever, not with green eggs and ham. [...]

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Getting Authorship to Work: A Case Study

If you are a content creator,  you know the importance of creating great content on a regular basis.  By being a content creator, you probably know about authorship, if you aren't already one.  By having author markup on your site, it will help your site greatly.  Having an author picture snippet builds trust among users [...]

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Payday Loan Penalty, A Case Study

In a case study posted today on, Steven Macdonald wrote about how was hit incredibly hard that caused an 81% organic traffic loss for the site.    in an article entitled Payday Loan Penalty And The Road To Recovery, Steven explains how they were able to not only free themselves from the weight of their [...]

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