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Is that Mind-Blowing Title Blowing Your Credibility?

When you look at a newspaper, a website or a blog, what would be that first thing that you see that would determine whether you read the article?  The headline, or in other words, the title of the piece.  The title of an article has to be able catch your attention.  It has to draw [...]

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The Future Of Content & SEO: How To Stay On Top

When you look at SEO, what's the one thing that ultimately brings people to your site, aside from PPC and creating compelling social media linkbaits? The answer is simple.  It's content. Without content, people would have no reason to come to your site.  Even back in the old days of SEO, if your site didn't [...]

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One Content Metric to Rule Them All

When it comes to content, creating it can be an easy process.  Do a little research, use your creativity, and then create.  This isn't to say that that content creation isn't time consuming.  It takes a lot of time.  You have to write it (or film it if you're creating a video), edit it, publish [...]

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Is Your Content Credible Enough to Share?

When you're creating something, anything for that matter, naturally you want everybody to feel they can trust you and your work.  After all, you put a lot of time and effort into whatever it is you made, and it would make you fell like dirt if nobody felt that you were all that credible. It's [...]

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Over Time Backlinks Will Become Less Important

We have yet another video from Google Webmaster, again featuring Matt Cutts, the head of Google's search spam.  In the video, he answers the question, "Google changed the search engine market in the '90s by evaluating a website's backlinks instead of just the content, like others did. Updates like Panda and Penguin show a shift [...]

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Coupons, Coupon Codes, Promo Codes…When Content Is NOT King

You typically put a lot of work into a website, putting up online, and fleshing it out with quality content, all with the goal of getting ranked higher and more people coming to your site.  But then you realize that there are other sites out there, sites that may even be directly competing with yours, [...]

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