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Why Your Brand Shouldn’t Fear Assigning Authorship

When it comes to authorship and company branding, there will probably be a question that pops up.  When there is a single person working at your company/with your business who writes the online content for your site/blog, should that single individual be assigned authorship?  Or would it be better if the content written for your [...]

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The Blueprint to Content Marketing Success

So, you want to use content as a way to hit the big time, right?  You want to be able to create and market big content so it will lead you down the path of great organic visits, website leads, and ultimately conversion rates?  You have come to the right place! You may wonder what [...]

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SEO Q&A: Bloggers

In this Google Hangout On Air video, Dan Petrovic focuses on blogs and their SEO.  He also answers SEO questions with focus on bloggers and blogging: - Technical optimization - Content - Authorship - Guest posts - Safe link practices - Latest algorithms - Blogging platforms Official website:

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Focus On Content To Simplify Your Inbound Marketing Process

There are a lot of aspects to have to deal with in SEO.  You have think about search, work on conversions, create links, deal with branding, and much more.   With so many things to have to focus on, how can you possibly get anywhere?  There's so much to do! Whether you're dealing with search, [...]

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The Upcoming Content Trends in 2014

We live in quite a great time to experience the wonders of the internet and see all the things it can provide.  Because of this, it's also a wonderful time to be a digital marketer as well.  In the early 90's, we had online capabilities, but hardly anything was going on back then.  The web [...]

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Using Remarketing To Make Your Content And SEO More Awesome!

Remarketing can be a great way to get people to come back to your site who has previously been to your site before.  Basically, when somebody comes to your site, that person becomes tagged.  At this point, you can target that person with marketing strategies like emails and banner ads after they've left the site. [...]

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5 Strategic Steps to Big Content

We all know, either consciously or subconsciously, that content is very important.  With out content, we can't visit our favorite websites due to the fact that they would have nothing to read.  So right there, content seems to be one of, if not the most, important part of SEO in my opinion. In terms of [...]

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How To Come Up With A Viral Hit – The Ideation Process

We have all seen the written content and the videos that seems to circulate around the internet like wildfire.  This is called going viral.  According to Google, the definition of "Viral Content" is: "Content that spreads very fast on the Internet, just like a flu virus would in real life. The content itself can be [...]

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How To Take Advantage of Google’s Bias Toward Hyper-Fresh Content

Everybody loves the taste of freshly baked bread.  They also love freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning.  Freshness is great. Apparently, even Google loves things that are fresh as well.  They love fresh new content as well.  For a while now, Google seems to have increased hyper-fresh content in SERPs.  But, how can you [...]

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