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European Parliament Calls For Break Up Of Google

This is the time of year to give thanks to the things you have and to love each other.  After all, that is what Thanksgiving was all about, and it's the purpose of of the Christmas season.  But Google is hard pressed to feel the love and thanks, as the European Parliament voted in favor [...]

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EU Readying New Android Antitrust Complaint Against Google

In a Reuters article, there seems to be more trouble in the European paradise with Google yet again, as competition authorities are gearing up for yet another antitrust case against Google focusing on Android.  This new case that is in the works seems to be aimed at appeasing European critics who feel that the proposed [...]

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UK House Of Lords Condemns Right To Be Forgotten

This Right To Be Forgotten issue in Europe seems to have a lot of steam built up behind it, because there is always something going on with it in Europe.  In this particular case, we will be speaking of the House of Lords in the UK. Although most EU countries have been unanimous in their [...]

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Google Solicits Feedback On Right To Be Forgotten

It seems that Google has seen nothing but trouble ever since it implemented the EU's new Right To Be Forgotten mandate back in May.  Because of this, Google has decided that they will be soliciting feedback on their implementation through a new Advisory Council. Google has released a page at that asks any Google user [...]

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Google’s Android Draws Fresh Antitrust Complaint In Europe

It seems that Google just can't catch a break in Europe.  Yet another antitrust complaint has been filed against the company them in Europe.  This time, the complaint is geared towards Android and third party app stores. The Wall Street Journal has an article that claims that Aptoide, a Portuguese company, which offers a Google Play [...]

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Is Google’s European Antitrust Settlement In Jeopardy?

It seems that people just can't let sleeping dogs lie, can they?  Just when we thought we'd thought we'd heard the last of the Google EU antitrust settlement situation, it has decided to rear it's ugly head once again.  It looks like there has been quite the dissatisfaction among public and political figures with the [...]

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