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Google Maps Revamps Quality Guidelines For Local Pages

Last night, Google Maps has updated their local pages quality guidelines, and Jade Wang from the Google team posted the news in the Google Forums saying: "We’ve updated and clarified our quality guidelines for local pages. Please read the new version here, and, as always, feel free to contact our support team with any specific questions about [...]

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Google Maps Navigation Now Covers 104 Countries

According to Android Pollice, Google has expanded navigation for Google Maps to 10 additional countries.  For the most part, these countries include ones in Africa, the Caribbean islands and South America.  With the addition of of these 20 countries, this brings the number of countries shown in Google Maps up to an impressive 104. Google Maps [...]

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Google Maps Currently Taking Users To The Moon & Mars

Have you ever thought about taking a trip to the moon, or even better, a trip to Mars?  Well, the ticket may be really expensive, and the ability to actually sit in the spaceship to go to these places may be a long way away, but you can definantly take a tour of these celestial [...]

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Google Maps Adds Distance Measuring Feature

Something has been brewing under Google's watch, and it was quietly announced by the company on Google+.  A new distance measuring feature has been added to the new version of Google Maps.  What this means is that you can draw a line between two points on Google Maps and it'll give you the distance between those [...]

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The 2013 Local Search Ranking Factor Results Are In

Earlier this morning, Moz’s full results of this year’s Local Search Ranking Factors survey have been released! If you haven’t had the opportunity to know what these Local Search Ranking Factors are, you can get some more details about it on the results page itself. Some Highlights of Some Changes This Year This is Moz’s [...]

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