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Refresher Course: Google Analytics Certification

In this episode of Google Partners, you will prepare to take the Google Analytics certification exam by refreshing your knowledge during this Hangout with Googlers Adam Singer and Krista Seiden. This live HOA will cover major topics of the exam and direct you to other helpful resources that will enhance your knowledge of Analytics.  After this Hangout, [...]

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Google Partner – Converting Prospects Into Clients

Closing a sale can be difficult.  This is why people were invited to an on Air Hangout with Google Partner.  In this episode, G.A. Bartick, President of R3 Consulting and best-selling author shows you how to position yourself as an expert — and help you handle questions and objections like a superstar.

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Google Partners – Refresher Course: Google Shopping

In this episode of Google Partners, we have gotten here in time for the launch of the Google Shopping exam on Google Partners, join our Google Shopping Partner Education Lead, Nicole Premo in a refresher course. The course will cover Merchant Center setup, creating product data and Shopping campaign management - everything you’ll need to prepare for [...]

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Google Partners Adds Certification For Shopping Campaigns

There is quite a number of people who have taken exams to become certified in Google Partners's AdWords management.  Google Partners has just released a new exam for Google Shopping certification. Those taking this exam will be tested in their proficiency in creating Merchant Center accounts, organizing product data and managing and optimizing Shopping Campaigns.  Of course, [...]

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Google Partners – Mobile and Shopping Best Practices

In this episode of Google Partners Google Agency Development Manager, Meghan Li and Marketing Director, Marc Weisinger, from Elite SEM will discuss key things to look at in selecting a good agency partner and best practices in optimizing mobile and shopping campaigns. Elite SEM has been voted as the best US search agency at the US Search [...]

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Google Partners – Advancements in AdWords Dynamic Remarketing (with the Google Product Manager)

In this episode of Google Partners, we will be joining Google Product Manager Jyoti Vaidee and Global Audience Product lead Barney Pierce as they walk through recent game-changing advances in AdWords Dynamic Remarketing. They will discuss the launch of dynamic remarketing for all verticals, and provide helpful hints and best practices on how to set up [...]

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