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How to Build Your Own Mass Keyword Difficulty Tool

Today, you may be looking at the Not Provided situation and think that keywords just aren't the way to go anymore (thanks Google!), but it seems that a good part of the work in SEO still involves discovering opportunity, and taking that opportunity and creating content around it that ranks. There are plenty of tools [...]

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Stop Thinking Keywords, Think Topics

Things are always changing and evolving.  Nothing is exempt from this fact of life.  Not even Google's search engine.  As you already know, there is a multitude of different updates, big and small, coming out for the search engine on a regular basis.  You've got your small changes here and there, that Google probably doesn't [...]

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How to Discover New Opportunities with No Keyword Referral Data

Keywords are important.  The search industry has taken a bit of a blow as of late with all of the Not Provided keywords that Google has been presenting us with.  Now, it would seem that there is quite the possibility that 100% of search referral data might be hidden from the organic search over at Google's search [...]

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Is There A Good SIde To Not Provided?

It's been a little while since Not Provided has been thrust upon us by Google.  With Not Provided looming over head, SEOs are now looking at stripped keyword-level data.  This certainly can't be a good thing, can it?  Many looking at it from face value would certainly think so.  Why would we want to know [...]

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Why The YouTube Keyword Tool Is So Amazing For Link Building

Keywords were always pretty useful in SEO.  In that frame of mind, who'd have thought that YouTube keywords could be useful as well?  After all, who uses YouTube to advertise?  A number of people never really thought about making videos that would help create stir for a product or service, so why think of YouTube [...]

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