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Google Knowledge Graph Now Showing Social Profiles For Brands

Back in November, Google started adding links to other social networks, outside of just Google+, and even within the knowledge graph box.  But here's the catch - these links were only released to other networks for personalities such as famous actors, political figures and bands.  Now, Google is displaying the social profile links for brands, such [...]

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According To Google, Barack Obama Is King Of The United States

Who is the king of the United States?  Well, according to Google, it would be Barack Obama.  [King Of United States]  As far as the news yesterday was concerned, a Google Answer box had appeared The Google Answer was pulled from Breitbart, which was a story posted almost a week ago entitled All Hail King Barack Obama, Emperor [...]

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Google “Knowledge Vault” To Power Future Of Search

We've all heard of Google's Knowledge Graph, right?  In short, it's a system that was launched back in May of 2012 that is able to understand facts about people, places and things and how all of these things are connected.  The Knowledge Graph has been put into place to help Google improve its search relevancy, [...]

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How To Become An Entity On the Knowledge Graph

So, you want to become an entity on the Knowledge Graph?  But you don't really know what to do to become one?  That can be an issue.  Or is it?  There might be a way for those of you who don't really know how to break into the Knowledge Graph Hell, I didn't even know [...]

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Google Testing Ads On The Knowledge Graph

Always trying to update their search engine, Google has been doing a little testing by showing ads on the knowledge graph. A tweet on Twitter from Gianluca Fiorelli from Spain displays a screen shot taken of the ad format.  In this screen capture, it looks to be a local ad that shows local dealers specifically [...]

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