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Marketing In Transit: Selling To Mobile Searchers

When you're a local business these days, you need to keep up with the times in order to survive.  As an example, you would need to make sure you had some sort of online presence to reach more people in the area so that your customers (or potential or future customers) can find out more [...]

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Ask An Advisor: Rolling With The Punches

Knowing what's happening outside and around your neighborhood can have an impact on your business is bottom line, for better or for worse. In this episode of Google+ Your Business, we will be joining the Google small business community and Advisor, +Aileen Gemma Smith, who answers questions about how to anticipate business interruption is impacting [...]

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Everybody Needs Local SEO

So, you're into SEO I take it?  I assume you probably are, as you're here reading this post.  It's pretty important to know about how to do some general SEO in this line of work, and what you know has gotten you by.  If that's the case, great.  At least you haven't gotten pushed out of [...]

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How Can Mobile SEO Help my Non-Mobile or Local Business?

Google recently came out and said that it's possible that mobile search could exceed desktop search by the end of 2014.  Even though this could be a trend that could realistically happen, you have to realize that this proclamation could be a broad brush stroke across all local businesses. Even if this prediction comes true [...]

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10 Pro Online Reputation Management Tips For Local Businesses

When it comes to your business, managing your online ratings are reviews for local business are very important.  You want as many positive reviews as possible right?  Good reviews equals good business from others.  But ultimately, it all boils down to reputation.  Overall, reputation has a greater impact on Yelp and Google than simple reviews [...]

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The Local Solution To (not provided)

Because of  Google’s switchover from http to https has taken place, there has been a rapid increase of (not provided) traffic coming to everybody's analytics packages.  The bad part is that since we are getting more (not provided) data, we are losing out on valuable information.  This can really drive a stake through the heart of our [...]

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Are Twitter Ads Right For Your Local Business? How To Decide

There's quite a good number of social media venues that one can take advantage of these days.  Facebook, Pintrest, StumbleUpon and Google+ are just a few of them.  But, for the sake of this post, Twitter is the star player in this game.  With over 230 million active accounts, there are many people out there [...]

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How Local Businesses Should Size Up & Tackle Social Media

An important aspect of SEO these days has been social media.  Social media has gained traction as of late as a platform for getting your message across regards to your business goings on.  Effective and local social media marketing can be a real time consumer. When trying to engage in a local social marketing marketing [...]

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