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What Are Some Ways For Local Businesses To Get Links?

Getting links can be pretty difficult, especially with all the algorithm work that Google has done to prevent crummy links.  It doesn't help when you have some people in the industry saying that link building is dead and gone.  But of course, we all know that isn't the case.  It isn't really dead, it's just [...]

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11 Tips For Using Slide Presentations For Local SEO Advantage

When it comes to content marketing and local SEO, there is a wide variety of types of media that businesses can use.  Out of these types, the most widely known used types include photo images and videos. But despite the power of using these types of media can bring, there are a number of local businesses [...]

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How to Have a Successful Local SEO Campaign in 2015

It's 2015.  We've seen another full year pass us by, and during that year, there have been a number of changes in local ranking factors.  But now that we're facing 2015, this is our chance to get a fresh start on things.  This is the time to look behind us and see the success and [...]

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Free Local SEO Tools You Could Use In Your Arsenal

Have you wondered what sort of tools are used in other people's SEO tool collection?  There are so many tools out there, you might be hard pressed to find a two people with the same ones.  Even if they end up doing the same thing, they are called something different, and each may have slightly [...]

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5 Trusted Accounts Every Local SEO Should Have

There's things you should probably know when it comes to being a marketer, such as how to set up Facebook Pages, and a Google Places for Business account.  But it shouldn't stop there.  There are a number of accounts that you should know about and get situated with in order to get more out of [...]

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