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Why Your Agency Can’t Hire Marketers (and 9 Solutions)

Why is it that some agencies just aren't that into hiring you to do SEO work for them?  Too many of these people who don't like hiring on SEO agencies won't do that for the reason that agency bosses think that marketers are difficult and expensive to hire and difficult to keep once they've been [...]

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Why Social Media Marketers Need To Follow The Weather

As strange as it may sound, when dealing with social media, it may be wise to follow the weather patterns.  Now, we know that weather prediction isn't totally exact.  But for the most part, we can get pretty close.  But, you may ask, why would the weather affect social media?  That's weird, isn't it? Well, [...]

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Google Seeks Searcher Satisfaction: How Marketers Can Keep Up

Google changes.  They change a lot.  Google is constantly on that road of changing the face of search and how SEOs do their work on search.  With the most recent big update that Google has been implementing, named Hummingbird, things can really change for everybody.  We don't mean those on the business end of SEO, [...]

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