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Why Isn’t Your Mobile & Geo Modifiers For Paid Search Not Working?

When you're working on your SEO campaigns, including mobile in the campaigns are obviously an important aspect of the job.  So using mobile and location bid adjustments are important functions of Enhanced Campaigns.  These two aspects let advertisers adjust bids for phones and locations at scale with our campaigns. But what we need to keep in [...]

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Report: Mobile Users Spend 80 Percent Of Time In Just Five Apps

Recently, Forrester Research conducted a recent survey and reported that US and UK smartphone owners “use an average of 24 apps per month but spend more than 80 percent of their time on just five apps.”  Regardless of how true this number is, it is true that despite the potentially higher number of apps that people have on [...]

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Google Partners – Mobile and Shopping Best Practices

In this episode of Google Partners Google Agency Development Manager, Meghan Li and Marketing Director, Marc Weisinger, from Elite SEM will discuss key things to look at in selecting a good agency partner and best practices in optimizing mobile and shopping campaigns. Elite SEM has been voted as the best US search agency at the US Search [...]

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Sharethrough Launches Native Advertising Cards Across Mobile Sites And Apps

Sharethought, the native in-stream advertising platform, launched support for dynamic native advertising cards across mobile publishers using the service today. With this service, advertisers are able to repurpose content, such as videos, images, music ahdn artocles into dynamic ads in feeds of over 300 mobile sites and apps.  Examples shown off by Sharethought were cards [...]

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Google Launches Mobile Friendly Test Tool

So, do you think that your site is ready to be a mobile friendly one?  Google might be able to  help you figure it out by releasing a new tool to help find out if your site qualifies for Google's new mobile-friendly labels. If you're interesting, you can find the tool at, and basically, the [...]

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10 Best Practices for Mobile Optimized Websites

I've written posts here on Thrive, and I know that a decent number of these posts I've mentioned how mobile is on the rise and that as an marketer, you shouldn't ignore it's presence in this industry as a viable source of consumer outreach.  After all, smartphone users worldwide will total 1.75 billion in 2014. [...]

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