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Panda 4.0, Payday Loan 2.0 & eBay’s Very Bad Day

It seems that it's been a pretty busy time for Google, as far as updates go.  Moz has been keeping watch on Google, and using MozCast, has determined an algorithm spike has occurred on the 19th of May.  On Tuesday, after MozCast found this record high in algorithm change, Google confirmed that something really was [...]

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Google’s December Authorship Gets The Shake Up

It seems that Google Authorship has gotten a bit of a shake up recently.  According to the data shown by MozCast Feature Graph, a big short-term drop in the number of tracked searches displaying authorship mark-up has made it's way forward.  What could possibly be the cause of this sudden drop in Authorship? It seems that [...]

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Hummingbird’s Unsung Impact on Local Search

With every update to Google's search engine, there is always going to be some big change that happens to it that seems to impact how thing happen with search results.  There seems to be a qualitative shift in local results due to Hummingbird's release that many search engine blogs and media outlets haven't posted about. [...]

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4 Lessons From A Year of Mozcast Data

Whew.  It's been quite the year, with all of the big updates that Google has been releasing to their algorithms.  Because of that, it's also been a big year for all the SEOs who get to live under Google's ever changing algorithm changes.  It's been pretty crazy. Here's an idea!  We've been looking at all [...]

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Did Google Release An Update On November 14?

Has a Google update been released on the 14th of November?  If it had, there has certainly been no odd chatter from webmasters, as well no news release about it from Google itself.  It seems that some weird things happened on the day of the 14th, and it was caught by Moz's own MozCast and [...]

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