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Hate “Not Provided”? It May Be A Good Thing!

Are we really talking about Not Provided again?  That's such old news!  It's also not anything new to say that SEOs don't really like the idea of Google not letting us see our keywords.  This has been quite the discussion since Google's switch to secure search.  Because of this switch, it's forced us to approach keyword [...]

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(Provided): 10 Ways to Prove SEO Value in Google Analytics

It's already happening.  Over the last few years, we've been facing the looming and expanding threat of (not provided).  Soon, perhaps very soon, we will see (not provided) reach 100% totality.  In the minds of many, that can be pretty bad, but not without good reason.  Keywords were the cornerstone of SEO, and without them, [...]

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The Local Solution To (not provided)

Because of  Google’s switchover from http to https has taken place, there has been a rapid increase of (not provided) traffic coming to everybody's analytics packages.  The bad part is that since we are getting more (not provided) data, we are losing out on valuable information.  This can really drive a stake through the heart of our [...]

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Is There A Good SIde To Not Provided?

It's been a little while since Not Provided has been thrust upon us by Google.  With Not Provided looming over head, SEOs are now looking at stripped keyword-level data.  This certainly can't be a good thing, can it?  Many looking at it from face value would certainly think so.  Why would we want to know [...]

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Gathering New Keyword Insights In A (Not Provided) World

It's all over the place.  The mere mention of it causes people to frown and just say "bleh."  Not Provided is all over the place these days in the SEO world and it's not making people all that thrilled that it's around.  It's pretty evident that people don't like the idea that they have to [...]

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What Kind Of SEO World Do We Live In With (Not Provided)?

Is it possible?  Could it be that SEO is actually dead?  Keywords is a (or could you say IS the) key SEO tool for bringing potential customers to a site is starting to look pretty grim now that (not orovided) is rearing it's ugly head. For the people over at Moz, at first, their (not [...]

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