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2015 Is the Year Of The Wearables Predicts Bing

As we've seen before, Bing has given us their lists of this year’s top searches.  Now that they've treated us with such interesting information on Bing search queries, Microsoft's search engine is now looking away from the past and pointing forward towards the future, predicting the top trends in 2015. After using Bing Predicts technology, Bing believes [...]

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6 Predictions for the Marketing World in 2014

Now that 2014 is finally here and we're already five days deep into the new year, it's always fun looking back at the old year and thinking about the things you've done.  One of those things is looking at the predictions that were made in the world of online marketing. What sort of predictions did [...]

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What Will 2014 Bring For Local Search?

It sure seems we're talking a lot about the future recently, it seems.  But why not?  We're closing in on a new year, and many of us are looking towards that future, and wondering what it will bring.  This is certainly the case with local search.  What sort of things can we expect next year? [...]

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4 Trends Marketers Should Address In 2014

It's always interesting to read up on people's predictions for things.  Who will play and win the Superbowl?  What will be the next big device that will take the market by storm?What will happen to me in the next five years?  We can make all the predictions we want, but we will never be sure [...]

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Future SERP: A Glimpse at Google 2014

It's fun to predict the future.  What will happen? What won't?  But when you ask somebody for their prediction for something, what is it that you're usually asking for?  Who's going to win the next football game?  The stock market?  How about SEO and Google? What?  Prediction and Google?  That's right.  Not everybody thinks about [...]

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