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UK House Of Lords Condemns Right To Be Forgotten

This Right To Be Forgotten issue in Europe seems to have a lot of steam built up behind it, because there is always something going on with it in Europe.  In this particular case, we will be speaking of the House of Lords in the UK. Although most EU countries have been unanimous in their [...]

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Since May 91,000 Right-To-Be-Forgotten Takedown Requests

A couple months after the Right To Be Forgotten issue with the EU has begun, the content removal requests have been piling up.  It makes you wonder how long it'll take to finally see if the requests will continue to rise, or will begin plateauing.  Just on the first day of availability of the RTBF [...]

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Google Solicits Feedback On Right To Be Forgotten

It seems that Google has seen nothing but trouble ever since it implemented the EU's new Right To Be Forgotten mandate back in May.  Because of this, Google has decided that they will be soliciting feedback on their implementation through a new Advisory Council. Google has released a page at that asks any Google user [...]

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Google Notifying Publishers For Right To Be Forgotten Removals

At this point, Google's Right To Be Forgotten process is well under way, and is removing results from the European version of Google in response to EU's ruling.  Now that this process is well on it's way, many webmasters are now receiving notifications of these removals. Here is how the notice read: Notice of removal from Google [...]

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Google Will Disclose “Right To Be Forgotten” Removals

It's being reported by the Guardian that Google may add an indication in the search results that content has been removed because of of what is required by the European Union last month in the Right To Be Forgotten case.  Google admitted that they will be adding a disclosure in their search results if something [...]

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Right To Be Forgotten Keeps Piling Up, Now Up to 41,000

Last week, the number of those requesting under Europe's ruling to being forgotten had been up to 12,000.  Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, those 12,000 requests have risen to 41,000, almost a 3.5 times the increase from the first week.  The amount of people using Google's provided form have decreased a bit since last week, [...]

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