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How To Grow PPC Revenue Without Tanking ROI

Do you have a business right?  What's are the big goals for that business?  Well, ROI is probably one of them.  After all, even if customer satisfaction is top priority, it won't matter in the long run because if you don't make back the money you've spent, you're going out of business and there certainly won't [...]

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SEO Should Not Be Held To An ROI Target — Here’s Why

Typically, when a business invests money into a marketing campaign, let's say a television or magazine ad, they would expect to see a return on their investments within a timely manner.  An ad pops up on tv at a particular time on a particular day, or on a certain page of a magazine, and that would bring [...]

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Survey Finds Organic Search Delivers The Best ROI For Local Businesses

We all love surveys, don't we?  The beauty behind surveys is that, if done correctly, the results can give you incredibly valuable information.  Recently, BrightLocal did their own survey that focused on the sources of traffic and leads to local businesses. In their survey, the almost 290 SEOS and SMBs that where involved claimed that they [...]

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How To Achieve ROI From Your B2B Content Strategy In 60 Days

When it comes to B2B firms, there are a lot of possibilities when it comes to both content strategy and inbound marketing.  There are actually still quite a few business owners and entrepreneurs out there who still believes that it takes hundreds of hours, tens of thousands of dollars and a whole mess of time [...]

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Google AdWords: 10 Account Review Tips Revealed

With PPC not being cheap, naturally, you'll want to make the most out of Google AdWords to maximize your advertising potential.  For those who aren't as versed as some of the seasoned vets of SEO, setting an ad and just walking away, thinking that all the work is now done, you are making a mistake, [...]

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