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Root Access Berlin #5: SnapEngage On App Engine Cost Optimizations

In this episode of Root Access Berlin, Jérôme Mouton, SnapEngage's CTO and co-founder, gives you a peek under the hood at their cloud platform costs and explains how to optimize them. SnapEngage provides live chat capabilities for thousands of websites.  They were one of the first App Engine users and drive a significant traffic through [...]

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Root Access: Three Startups Acquired By Web Giants

A discussion panel with Michael Munie (Katango, acquired by Google), Anselm Baird-Smith (, acquired by Apple) and Martin Görner (Mobipocket, acquired by Amazon). All three now work at Google. This discussion was recorded in Paris during the "Paris Startup Café" event which was part of the Google for Entrepreneurs Week 2013.

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Root Access: Data Driven Entrepreneurship, by Bridgette Beam

In this video of Root Access (from the Google Developers channel in Youtube), Bridgette Beam from the Google for Entrepreneurs team talks about data and business.  What sort of key performance indicators should business owners be looking for?  What sort of valuable insights could be gained with what tools?  How can they quickly and quantitatively validate [...]

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Root Access: Timing and Market Conditions

Nothing is guaranteed in the world of startups and business. Sometimes the greatest of ideas aren't a good fit for the market as it is today. Don Dodge welcomes Louis Gray to talk about some technologies that took a while to catch on, and those for whom timing was on their side, in a special [...]

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Root Access: The Intersection of Skill and Luck

What is the cause of successful business?  Great effort!  Aside from the effort it takes to gain success, it takes a little bit of being market ready, as well as having a little bit of luck on your side.  Don Dodge welcomes Louis Gray to talk about the intersection of skill and luck in a [...]

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Root Access hot trend: Indoor Location Services

door location services are hot right now. Many promising startups are active in this space and there have recently been some notable acquisitions. Don Dodge (Googler, long-time startup advocate and investor) tells us what indoor location is good for, how the technology works and what he thinks will happen next.

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