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Yandex Q2 Revs Up 32 Percent, Queries, Paid Clicks Up Too

This morning, Russia's leading search engine, Yandex, announced it's second quarter results this morning, revealing a revenue of $361.5 million (or 3.6 billion rubles), which is 32 percent higher than last year. When it comes to income, Yandex has made $1.08 billion (3.6 billion rubles), which is a 13% increase over Q2 2013.  But, the search [...]

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Search Engine Marketing Helps Drive Back-to-School Sales

After looking at the title of this post, you might be thinking, hasn't summer vacation just started?  Why would we want to deal with back-to-school stuff already?  That is true, nobody wants to think about it, let alone deal with it.  But it's still going to happen, so we have to think about it, to [...]

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How to Rank Well in Amazon, the US’s Largest Product Search Engine

When you're trying to market a website online, naturally, you want to try doing it with the big boys, like Google or Bing.  Using these search engines correctly can really help boost the overall customer awareness of your site.  But, what if you're running something a little more specific than that?  What if you're trying to [...]

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Baidu Beats Expectations, Posts 59 Pct Revenue Growth In Q1 2014

There is some good news for Baidu, the Chinese search engine leader and advertising provider, as they've released some financials for the first quarter of the year.  In the report, it is stated that the total revenues have totaled $1.53 billion USD at $1.24 earnings per share.  This means that there has been almost a 60% [...]

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Bing: Again, Why We Are Better Than Google At Image Search

It seems there is always going to be a war between two of the biggest search engines available today, Google and  Bing. Not too long ago, Bing gave us seven ways they are better than Google at image search.  Well, it seems Bing is throwing another punch into the face of Google (via the Bing Blog) by giving [...]

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Changing The Way We Think About SEO

We have come a long way in terms of searching and keyword usage.  Things used to be so simple back in the day, but now, search is going in a direction that many haven't expected it to go.  Search is more focused on discovering user intent based on other elements that just simply typing in [...]

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