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Yandex Begins Crawling JavaScript & CSS

Yandex, Russia's largest search engine, has announced (in Russian) that they, as a test, are crawling through CSS and JavaScript files.  The reason behind this is so that the search engine will better understand web pages and the content on those web pages that have been designed with more modern browsers in mind.  Right now, there [...]

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Three Unexpected Reasons Your Rankings are Plummeting

"Why are my rankings dropping?" Does this question sound familiar?  There are a lot of SEO clients who ask the same question, and it really is a legitimate question for a lot of people who run websites and see that their site isn't is high on the search engines like it used to. But to [...]

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Google Tops Satisfaction Index, Yahoo Sees “Lowest Score Yet”

Even with all the issues and troubles that a company like Google has, Google has managed to claw it's way up to the top of the annual American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI).  In the survey, customer satisfaction is measured across a large range of business and product categories, which includes "e-business."  This means that something [...]

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Q&A with TQE Marketing

In this Google Partners video, Amanda Schreiner and Ryan Garrow of TQE Marketing share insights and best practices on everything from running an agency to tackling new ad campaigns. Founded in 2005, TQE brings over 40 years of combined search engine marketing experience to serve its clients and grow businesses successfully online. They are a [...]

By | – 7 Things For SEOs To Consider Post Hummingbird

Back in June of 2011, was launched.  For those of you who don't know what Schema is, in a nutshell, Schema is a site that collects schemas, or html tags.  Webmasters use these html tags to markup pages on their site so that major search providers will recognize them.  The search engines includes Bing, [...]

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The Truth About Search And The Shared Experience

With search being incredibly prevalent in this day and age, we tend to use the internet not just as a source of factual information when we are searching for something, but also as a source of social experience.  We might use Google to search for information about a particular product or service, such as a [...]

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‘Bing’ On The Seattle Seahawks Football Game!

This last Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks game was bombarded by an unlikely group that you wouldn't normally expect to see at a football game.  Uniformed Bing reps were found at a booth before the game at CenturyLink Field in Seattle.  Actually, that shouldn't be all that out of the ordinary, as Bing sponsors the Seahawks, [...]

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B2B Companies That Don’t See Value In Search

In this day and age, with the advent of the SEM and SEO worlds, there are still companies who don't see value when it comes to search engine marketing.  Companies can't see the value, only because their site is used solely for the purpose of branding. According to an article written by Harrison Jones, entitled SEM For [...]

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Solving the Pogo Stick Problem

Getting your site to display at the top of a SERP is quite an accomplishment, but it also takes quite a bit of effort to keep it there. If people click through to your site only to click their back buttons and look for another result, the search engines are going to catch on, and [...]

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