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Bing May Remove Navigation To Additional Search Result Pages

Some may say that Bing is being either wisely confident, or overly confident in this newest bit of news.  Bing could possibly drop there paginated search results for search results that they think are "the most relevant results" for the query. This means that if you do a long tail query, you could find, at the [...]

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Google Piloting App Ads In Google Play Store Search Results

Today, Google has announced that they are piloting a test to show ads for apps in the Google Play store. The test starts off with app discovery ads in search results.  Ads trigger due to relevant search queries in the way Google's AdWords search advertising works. Search ads on Google Play will enable developers to drive more [...]

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Google Is Testing Green Star Reviews In The Search Results

It's been a while since I heard about this little tidbit of news, but about six months ago, Google had begun testing color variations for the reviews stars you would seen in search results.  When you view the search results normally, you would see orange colored stars next to sites that used review rich snippets, but sometimes [...]

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Google Testing Smartphone Friendly Icon In Search Results, Again

It seems that once again, Google is showing mobile smartphone icons on smartphone friendly search results when you are searching on your smartphone.  A number of searchers are noticing it, and a screen shot was noticed by Brent Payne, who took these screen shots. The shots taken below were captured on an iPhone that was [...]

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Bing Launches Conversational Search

Bing is doing its best to keep itself on the top of the game by building a search platform based on entity and conversational understanding.  Because of this, Bing launched a new feature that allows the site to keep the context of a search from one query to the next. In the example given by [...]

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Bing Adds School Ratings To Search Results

A new feature has arrived on Bing, and Microsoft has announced that it is the school related.  This new feature adds school ratings, rankings, and academic indicators directly in Bing Snapshot.  Microsoft said that this works for search for schools from elementary to high school and beyond. Bing will display how the searched school ranks [...]

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Google Notifying Publishers For Right To Be Forgotten Removals

At this point, Google's Right To Be Forgotten process is well under way, and is removing results from the European version of Google in response to EU's ruling.  Now that this process is well on it's way, many webmasters are now receiving notifications of these removals. Here is how the notice read: Notice of removal from Google [...]

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