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The Real Reason AdWords Isn’t Working For Many Small Businesses

It seems to be going around like a sickness.  There seems to be news spreading that Google AdWords isn't working for small businesses.  This has come from The New York Times, no less.  Unfortunately, the writers who are writing these arguments against AdWords have not only multiple slanderments against AdWords, but they've totally missed the [...]

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The Local Solution To (not provided)

Because of  Google’s switchover from http to https has taken place, there has been a rapid increase of (not provided) traffic coming to everybody's analytics packages.  The bad part is that since we are getting more (not provided) data, we are losing out on valuable information.  This can really drive a stake through the heart of our [...]

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For SMBs, The Time Is Now To Embrace Search Advertising

In a time long ago, (perhaps several years ago) the issue of using search ads by small or local businesses were a bit up in the air.  They would wonder if it's even worth trying to buy them, as they were already facing the hassle of setting up an ad campaign on a platform that [...]

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Study Finds Small Businesses Waste 25 Percent Of Their PPC Budgets

SEOs know how important PPC is to any online marketing campaign.  The problem is, a share of small businesses are wasting money on their PPC budgets.  According to a study, 25% of all small businesses are dumping money down the toilet due to managerial and strategic errors. Ginny Marvin's news article on Search Engine Land [...]

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Mobile Strategy For Small Business

I bet you all weren't aware of this, but these days, mobile is pretty big.  According to a statistic by Bridget Randolph, the global internet usage from mobile devices was 12 times the amount of data that was used for the entire internet in the year 2000. Ok, I lied.  I'm pretty sure you all knew [...]

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