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In-App Social & Contact Data – New in Open Site Explorer

There is something new that can be found inside Moz's Open Site Explorer and it's an exciting one too.  Yesterday, Moz's own, Rand Fishkin announced the launch of a new feature for their Open Site Explorer, In-App Social and Contact Data! In launch of this new feature, you'll be able to see the social or email accounts that have [...]

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Pantene Turns Product Protest Into Marketing Win

What happens when you are selling a product that a high percentage of people in a particular region use, and are happy with, and then you take it away due to a regional lineup change?  You get some pretty ticked off people, that's what.  But when this happens, is it possible to take something like this [...]

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Topsy Becomes Definitive Twitter Search Engine

It has been announced that Topsy, the social search and analytics provider, is allowing users to search its index for every single tweet that has been published since inception of Twitter in 2006. This tool is very useful, making a possible acquisition target for Twitter. According to Topsy, since Twitter's creation in 2006, there are [...]

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2013 Search Engine Ranking Factors

Every couple of years, does a study about Ranking Factors meant to determine which attributes of pages and sites have the strongest connection with high Google ranking.  There are two parts of the survey.  The first part consists of a survey of professional SEOs, and the second is a large correlation study. Some of [...]

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Influencing Social Awesomizers with Personalized Content

Ever since social media popped up on to the scene, businesses have been trying to find a successful way to utilize its power of influencers, the “awesomizers”, who have a significant following have a have a respectable voice in each of their industries.  By having a mere mention from the right influencer could take your [...]

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