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Everything You Need To Know About The Google-Twitter Partnership

Back in February, there was news that Google and Twitter had reached an agreement that will provide Google full access to Twitter’s stream. As stated in the previous post written by Search Engine Land, the Twitter stream is commonly called the "firehose", and was announced during Twitter's earnings call by the CEO of Twitter, Dick Costolo. [...]

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Twitter Has Acquired Periscope Streaming Video App

It seems that Twitter is thinking about taking the next big step in their social platform's evolution.  It seems that Twitter's big step in video is going to be live streaming. There are several reports that says Twitter has obtained Periscope, which is a startup company that allows people to live stream live video from [...]

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Twitter Enables Embedding Twitter Video On Websites

As far as social media networks are concerned, Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest networks people use.  But between the two giants, Twitter has been behind Facebook in the video market.  But for the first time, Twitter got a jump on Facebook. Twitter gave users the ability to embed Twitter videos into websites [...]

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A Complete Guide To Twitter Promoted Video Ads

It's been announced by Twitter recently about their broader launch of Promoted Video, which is an in-stream video advertising product.  So far, it's been in beta since August with a select amount of advertising partners, but now it's been made available through Twitter account representatives. Promoted Video is part of Twitter’s Amplify program, which was designed to [...]

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Google Will Get Access To Twitter’s Firehose Again

It was reported Wednesday night by Bloomberg Business that Twitter has reached a deal with Google to provide access to Twitter's firehose data stream.  What this means is that Google will be able to index tweets immediately after being posted.  It's been reported by unnamed sources that engineers from both Google and Twitter have been working on [...]

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Twitter Wooing App Developers With World Outreach Tour

Yesterday, on January 14th, Twitter announced a world tour to advertise it's Fabric software development kit in order to warm up to mobile app developers. The first step of Twitter's campaign is called Flock, which is a series of meetups and seminars with developers in US cities.  The events will take place in Los Angeles [...]

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‘While You Were Away’ On Twitter Spotted In The Wild

Oh Twitter, how do we love thee and your simplicity.  We love the messages that other Tweeters tweet and place unbashingly onto our Twitter News Feeds.  But what is this?  Is that change I smell coming? There is a new feature coming to Twitter that shows you tweets that happened "While you were away."  This [...]

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