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Yahoo Loses Market Share As Some Firefox Users Return To Google

comScore has released the February US search market share numbers and it looks like some of the gains that Yahoo made since November since their default search deal with Firefox has been lost.  This is because some of the users that went over to Firefox has since decided to return to Google.  In all honestly, I'm not shocked by [...]

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20 Years of Yahoo Gives Us New World Record For Yodeling

As hard as it is to believe, it's been 20 years since Yahoo made it's way onto our computers screens.  Now that they are celebrating 20 years of search, Yahoo decided to celebrate it by setting a new world record for yodeling. Over 3,400 people were gathered together by the company to set the Guinness [...]

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Yahoo Wants To Syndicate Search To 600,000 Mobile Apps

Yesterday in San Francisco, Yahoo's first mobile developer conference took place.  This could be a surprise to some, as Yahoo has been thought of as dead from an engineering and product standpoint. Yahoo decided to launch an ambitious plan to extent the reach of its search, display and video ads through a new Mobile Developer Suite.  This new [...]

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Is Yahoo Stealing Mobile Search Share From Bing?

As many of you remember, Yahoo struck out for the first time on its own in mobile paid search last year since its divergence from Microsoft's Bing Ads. There has been some recent data that suggests that, even though Yahoo has just begun their venture into mobile paid search, the search engine has already begun [...]

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Yahoo Search Share Goes Up After Firefox Deal, Google Goes Down

StatCounter has come out with some new data that reveals Yahoo has gained almost a 2 point search market share gain in the US in the past month.  This increase in market share can be attributed to the recent Yahoo-Firefox default search deal, and StatCounter reported that Yahoo had a share of 10.4, where they previously [...]

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Yahoo Sees Big Search Bump From Firefox Deal

It was announced by Yahoo last month that they were going to replace Google as the default search engine in the next/latest version of Firefox: Firefox 34.  According to new data by StatCounter released earlier today, the new position is now paying dividends for Yahoo. This what the analytics firm said:  “Yahoo search was used three times more on Firefox 34 [...]

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Yahoo 2014 Search Trends

As we are beginning to close in on the end of the year, I thought it would be fun to throw out another group of top ten 2014 lists from search engines across the web. This time, let's take a look at Yahoo!  Mayer’s site released its top searches under a number of different categoires, which [...]

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Yahoo Test Removes Display URLs On Select Text Ads

In the world of search engines, testing makes the world go around it seems.  Yahoo has been running a new test on search ads in which the display URL isn't displayed in the ads.  the odd part is this though, the display URLs  aren't removed on all the ads within a SERP.  There are still [...]

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Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer: Firefox Deal Will Help Grow Search Share; Some Mobile Ads Won’t Come From Bing

Yahoo and Mozilla just announced on November 19th a “strategic five-year partnership that makes Yahoo the default search experience for Firefox in the United States on mobile and desktop.”  But will this deal help the company grow search engine traffic?  For Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, there is always hope.  Along with this new deal, she hopes [...]

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