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YouTube Shares Performance Stats On Google Preferred’s First Year

Google has shared results from the first year of their upfront program for YouTube advertisers that they are calling Google Preferred.  This program features campaigns on the channels of top-performing content producers.  Google said that the program's debut has sold out. When 30 traditional TV advertisers tried out the program, it was reported that they not only [...]

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Autoplay Is Now The Default For YouTube Videos

Another platform has been added to the list of sites and services that is using the autoplay video feature.  This platform is YouTube, and it's been testing the feature since late last year, has now enabled autoplay for all desktop users. What this means is that when you are watching a video on the video service, [...]

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YouTube’s New Beta GIF Creator Is A Blessing For Brands

Have you been looking through your social networks like Facebook and Twitter lately?  I'm sure that, if you have, you've seen a lot of picture related posts, memes, and of course animated animated GIFs.  In actuality, animated GIFs are in the  majority.  Because of this, there are a load of gif creation tools out there [...]

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Walmart Dominates YouTube During Thanksgiving Holiday

Last weekend, during the Thanksgiving holiday, it looks like out of all of the businesses to try beating each other out for the top spot in advertising, Walmart claimed the title of top dog.  Walmart ranked as the top social performer among retailers, as well as generating 1.5 billion page views from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday.   [...]

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How 3 Very Different Brands Succeed on YouTube

YouTube is obviously a very popular site for streaming video content to users.  For the last few years, YouTube has been used more creatively since its inception in early 2005, such as ventures into video marketing. Your more typical video on YouTube can be entertaining to watch, but many people won't stand for watching a [...]

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Yahoo Launching Video Service To Compete With YouTube This Summer

Sometimes, rivalry between companies can be a good thing.  They compete for the best services or products, and guess who wins?  The consumers.  Well, it looks like YouTube may be getting their own rival this summer. Yahoo has plans to launch their own video service in order to compete directly with Google's YouTube. What would [...]

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