If you’re a small business, marketing can be mighty tough.  You might feel like David versus Goliath – your competition is bigger, better funded and branded.  Is it even possible to compete with that?  Of course!

Although it’s a fact that a larger, more well-established company has plenty of advantages over a smaller business or startup, there is an old David and Goliath joke you should remember:

Q: Why was Goliath so surprised when David hurled a pebble at him?

A: Because such a thing had never entered his head before…

No matter if you find that truly funny, or you get a decent chuckle out of it, it shows an important trough about startups and small businesses.  Just because you start a small business, that doesn’t mean you want to be like Amazon or Walmart.  A good business entrepreneur starts a business because they recognize an unmet need — something that has never entered the head of their giant-sized competition before.

There are far too many businesses and business owners who get into the frame of mind of trying to be the competition.  They end up attempting to compete on the same playing field, and that ends up being as effective as David going up against Goliath with a sword of his own.

You need to know what makes your business different, and how to market that to your competition’s dissatisfied customers.

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