Taming The Beast Of The Messy Enterprise SEM Campaign

Searchenginemarketing Doing enterprise SEM campaigns can be pretty awesome.  You have a large budget to utilize, and a lot of customers to satisfy.  It can be quite exciting.  But despite the fun that can come from doing such large campaigns, there can be some challenges too.

  • SEM campaigns can become more difficult to deal with as they grow over time.  The management of these campaigns can potentially overwhelming if the size of it gets too large.
  • Another challenge that occurs when dealing with these enterprise campaigns is the consistent messaging and brand voice maintenance that spreads across campaigns being run by different arms of the organization.
  • What if the creator of the campaign moves on?  Will the campaigns become a jumbled mess without the original creator to help keep things in check?  There needs to be an “institutionalized” memory about the campaign in case something like this happens.

 has written an article that outlines the three business types that people usually encounter in a large enterprise, and then discusses how to mentally organize and talk about SEM campaigns in a consistent way.  This way, people who are in other parts of the organization can understand each other.

Check out Ted’s article using the following link to find out more!

Search Engine Land: Taming The Beast Of The Messy Enterprise SEM Campaign