Ten Crucial Steps In Creating & Executing A Mobile App Marketing Campaign

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Smartphone03Marketing isn’t every really all that easy.  There’s the time and effort you’ve got to put into planning and implementation of your work.  Plus, there’s the cost of money.  After all, you’re not doing all of this for free.  Mobile app marketing can be just as challenging as well.

Greg Shuey, the Digital Marketing Executive for Stryde, has spent his time with mobile app marketing, where he creates demand and downloads for apps.  Because of problems that arise in the creation process of app creation, some apps aren’t nearly ass successful as they could be, due to being created with just a simple idea.

In this post, Greg has decided to share ways of creating and executing a killer mobile app marketing campaign.  To his ten steps in creating a great marketing campaign for mobile apps, follow the link below and  you’ll be well on your way to making that marketing campaign you’ve wanted:


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