It is the time of year were people are really starting to buckle down with all of their holiday chores and errands before the big holiday days hit us – Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But the first thing people will be focusing on will be Thanksgiving.  The biggest concern for many when it comes to Thanksgiving is what are they going to make for the big day?  It can be pretty stressful.

But Bing has your back.  Bing has curated what it says are the “most perfect” holiday recipes from a variety of recipe sites, such as,, and

If you search for ‘Thanksgiving recipes’ on Bing, you will be presented with a carousel of food options at the top of the results page.


If you click on any of the carousel images that wet your appetite, a card will appear listing details on how to make that dish, such as how long the dish will take to cook and how many it will feed.

Another thing that you’ll find on the food card is an overview tab, as well as tabs for ingredients, directions and reviews.  This way, you don’t have to leave the results page.

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