MOZToday, its been announced that the 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey is here!  Starting back in 2008, this is the fifth edition of the survey, and originally went by the name, SEO Industry Survey.  The survey has been brought to you by the good people of

The things that they are looking to get out of the survey includes:

  • Demographics: Who is practicing inbound marketing and SEO today? Where do we work and live?
  • Agencies vs. in-house vs. other: How are agencies growing? What’s the average size? Who is doing inbound marketing on their own?
  • Tactics and strategies: What’s working for people today? How have strategies and tactics evolved?
  • Tools and technology: What are marketers using to discover opportunities, promote themselves, and measure the results?
  • Budget and spending: What tools and platforms are marketers investing in?

Are you an SEO and interested in taking the survey?  Take the link over to and just click the “Take the survey” button!

Moz Blog: Announcing the 2015 Online Marketing Industry Survey