digital_marketingDigital adverting creativity is currently thriving brightly online since it went a dramatic transformation over the last several years.

Before, advertisers would use digital ads almost exclusively for direct marketing purposes.  Now, marketers have been able to employ digital advertising to achieve strategic objectives along the purchase funnel.

There are three types of advertising in digital advertising, which includes:

  • Concept ads – These ads drive awareness and interest
  • Content Ads – These are meant to turn interest to desire
  • Commerce ads – These ad types are meant to fulfill this desire with tangible actions

In order to be successful, marketers, agencies, and publishers have to be able to master these three ad types.  By mastering these three ad typology, it can simplify advertising and marketing planning, as well as how strategy, media and creative execution comes together.

Columnist  of Interactive Advertising Bureau goes into detail about each of these three ad types in his post about concept, content and commerce ads, which can be found on Marketing Land!  Check it out below!

Marketing Land: The 3 Ad Creative Types Digital Marketers Need To Master