link-buildingLink building is quite an important part of online marketing.  Sure, having great content and an easy to use website is certainly a plus in the overall scheme of things, but if you don’t build those links, you won’t find as many visitors coming to your site as you’d like.  But, with out people, you can’t build links.  So what’s the real key to link building here?

You guessed it….people.

In link building, it’s all about building relationships with people.  Even with things like directories and post submissions, you still need people to approve those.

You would think that in order for people to link to your site, you’d have to persuade them to do so by providing something they are looking for, like great content.  So on that note, it can be pretty difficult to get people to trust you.  But, it seems like there are those people out there who actually WANT to help you!  Can’t believe it?  Well, you better start believing!

Where do I find people like this?  It’s probably easier than you think.  You probably know them already.  It’s all about where you look.

How do I know this?  Because  has written about it, of course!  In her article, The 7 Types of People Who Want To Help You Build Links, she will list seven types of people who wouldn’t mind helping you out with your link building!

What are these seven types of people?  Read her piece here by following the link below to Search Engine Land: