The Apple App Store SEO Keyword Selection Process In A Nutshell

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AppleAre you in the mobile app market?  If so, you know it’s a pretty big thing.  Who doesn’t have some sort of mobile device, whether it’s an Android tablet, smartphone or iPhone.  Because it’s mobile tech is such a big thing with people these days, so are mobile apps.

Knowing this, it should go without much explanation that inbound marketers are going to need to have a least some understanding about App Store SEO.  After all, where do you think people will be getting all of their apps from?  Fortunately, if you thinking, “Oh great, something else I have to try grasping and utilizing in SEO,” don’t worry.  App Store Optimization (ASO) isn’t as complex as web SEO.  So many of you can give a sigh of relief.

With ASO, you are able to concentrate on what will have the greatest impact on your downloads, due to a smaller set of factors.  But you still need to look at the bigger picture.  While you have ASO, this is only part of the larger picture, namely, app marketing.  With app marketing, there’s more to ASO than just ASO.  In a Moz post written by Hugh Kimura, you will be shown how to take your search visibility to the next level, while also targeting higher traffic keywords and ultimately, a larger audience.

Moz Blog: The Apple App Store SEO Keyword Selection Process In A Nutshell

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