The Bing Dilemma: How To Get Market Share From Google

Bing logo new It seems that Microsoft and its search engine, Bing, is in a bit of a pickle.  What sort of pickle?  Well, it seems Microsoft has to find some way to grab some of the market share from Google.  Now, normally, it couldn’t be too difficult to do.  But, here lies the problem.

Google isn’t just the competitor to Bing, or one of the biggest search engines out there.  Google seems to have synonymous with online searching.  That’s the issue.  How do you break into market share against Google when everybody associates Google not just as another search engine, but search itself?

What if you were the one to be told you had to be the one responsible for doing that?  That would be a tall order, but not impossible.   wrote a column on Search Engine Land discussing the options that it would take Bing on the offensive and possible break through Google’s search dominance barrier.

Nathan has thought of three basic ideas that could help Bing take away some of that valuable market share from Google and claim it as their own.  But what are they?  Below is a link to Nathan’s column where he reveals and discusses his thoughts on what Bing could do to knock Google down a few pegs.

Just follow the link below:
The Bing Dilemma:  What To Do With The Little Search Engine That Can’t