The Blogger’s Guide To Nofollow Links

Link building For SEOs, nothing says nightmare fodder better than a nofollow link.  Why is this so bad?  Well, on a technical level, when a link is put into nofollow tags, the search engines are being told not to count the link, and that means bad things for somebody’s SEO.  For every nofollow link, that’s that much less juice that for a person’s SEO, and that means their SEO gets absolutely no change.  So it makes you wonder, if they’re such a nightmare, why do the even exist?

If used correctly, nofollow tags can be used for good.  As an example, Google gave us access to nofollow tags to prevent spam from black-hat SEO.  This way, a malicious SEO can spam somebody with a link across comments and social, along with anywhere else a link can possibly show up.

Nofollow link spam

Of course, nobody likes getting their links unfollowered because it goes against what they think a link should be.  But now, that view will begin changing.

Sure, nobody wants to get nofollow links, but as long the number of them stays at a minimum, it won’t kill your SEO.  Plus, they’ll be quite good for blog sites.  After all, nobody loves seeing spammy comments and links in their comments.

 has written an article that will show you five different was that nofollow links can be great for you.

Search Engine Land: The Blogger’s Guide To Nofollow Links