The Cardinal Sins of Reddit Marketing

Reddit logo I’m sure we’ve all heard of Reddit before.  After all, it’s the “front page of the internet,” right?  With as simple as Reddit is, it’s gotten to be pretty popular, as it got 7 billion page views just last month.  That number is nothing to scoff at.  With that sort of popularity, it’s no surprise that businesses are doing what the can to get a little slice of that Reddit action.

But there’s a problem here.  Despite businesses utilizing Reddit, they aren’t succeeding the way they wanted to.  The issue that we are seeing is that marketers are simply approaching reddit the wrong way.

Because of how different Reddit is to something like Facebook, typical social media marketing tactics can be thrown out the window, and marketers usually end up failing with Reddit because of it.  Even though it’s admiral that these marketers keep trying regardless of these failures, we need to make sure that these marketers fix the error of their Reddit ways.

David DiGiovanni has a post on Search Engine Journal that describes the six “cardinal sins’ that are pretty common among marketers when they use Reddit, and what you can learn from them.

Check out his post through the link I’ve provided below.

Search Engine Journal: The Six Cardinal Sins of Reddit Marketing